Face Yoga


Do you struggle with your own reflection in a mirror and feel upset that your youthful look is gone?

You think “I don’t want to look like an expressionless woman.”

Only you wish there was ONE system to make you feel at ease within your own skin… Wouldn’t that be SO much easier?

I’m nodding because I know your pain.

I hear you lovely…


My name is Martina Theo. 

I worked as a Beauty and Spa Therapist… which really means… I loved making people to feel better after each treatment… 

You feel better, you look better, right?

When my clients kept endlessly asking me how to naturally get rid of wrinkles, double chin, sagging skin, puffy eyes etc. it suddenly hit me… 

I realised that the REAL answer did not lie in a bottle.

As a mum of two children and a devotee to healthy approaches to beauty, skincare and wellness, I have always been searching for natural and proven pro-ageing solutions.

The moment I heard about FACE YOGA I was immediately drawn to the very specific facial exercises with the ability to smoothen out the fine lines and wrinkles… and there’s good science behind it too.

The moment I experienced the results of face yoga practice I knew this was the way forward… I found my answers.

Face Yoga Clinic was borne out of my passion for self-care and self-love.

Being able to connect how I look and feel inside, achieving a greater sense of self-confidence and overall well-being…

…along with conveying these feelings to others through my teachings is a very positive and powerful fulfilment.

Who knew that the secret to ‘eternal youth’ is this simple, effective and yet holistic?

Now, as a Certified Face Yoga Teacher, I love being able to share my knowledge with my students…

…teaching them the techniques on how to naturally and safely reverse the visible signs of ageing…

…and improve their skin…

…and ABOVE ALL the importance of cultivating the relationship with themselves and the kind of beauty that is genuine and real by adopting a more positive mindset and belief system.

I want you to experience pure love, respect and acceptance of yourself.

I want you to keep looking in the mirror and loving who you see.

I want to help you to empower yourself to feel confident and beautiful in your own skin.

I want to teach you HOW to rejuvenate your face and feel face confident for life… the natural way.