Face Yoga


How do you feel when you see yourself in the mirror?

If your insecurities are already getting the best of you, I want you to know that you are certainly not alone. 


I know how it feels to be overly self-critical, especially as the years pass by. Learning to genuinely love and accept yourself is a lot easier said than done.

Confidence is beautiful. Confident people are at ease within their skin. They radiate the positive energy and glow around them like a halo without even realizing it. 

Accepting yourself, loving yourself and believing in yourself is the highest form of beauty.

Let me ask you ‘Can you imagine what your life would be like if you were stepping out with self-confidence every day?’

In my mid-thirties I started to notice the changes on my face, a new little line here, another wrinkle formed over there, deeper and longer nasolabial fold lines as well, my under eye hollows deepened and I looked tired even though I didn’t feel like it. Without notice, the signs and fear of ageing had started creeping up on me. I did not like it. I tried everything from the expensive creams, serums, lotions and potions to the most advance facial treatments. Short term results were achieved and were fine. But in the long run, I could not keep up (my wallet neither). I even enrolled myself into Beauty and Spa Therapy education, including Aromatherapy, to learn more about the skin and wellness. I worked in the spa where I had my aha moment. When my clients kept endlessly asking me how to naturally reduce wrinkles, tighten loose skin, get rid of double chin and puffy eyes etc. …it suddenly hit me. I realized that the real answer did not lie in a bottle.

As a mum of two children and a devotee to healthy approaches to beauty, skincare and wellness, I have always been searching for natural and proven pro-ageing solutions. 

The moment I heard about face yoga I knew I found my answers, I knew this was the way forward.

My name is Martina Theo and  I’m the founder of Face Yoga Clinic. 

Being able to connect how I look and feel inside, achieving a greater sense of self-confidence and overall well-being, along with conveying these feelings to others through my teachings is a very positive and powerful fulfilment. 

Who knew that the secret to ‘eternal youth’ is this simple, yet effective?

Now, as a Certified Face Yoga Teacher, I love being able to share my knowledge with my students, teaching them the techniques on how to naturally and safely reverse the visible signs of ageing and improve their skin, and above all the importance of cultivating the relationship with themselves and the kind of beauty that is genuine and real by adopting a more positive mindset and belief system.

I want you to experience pure love, respect and acceptance of yourself. I want you to keep looking in the mirror and loving who you see. Let me help you to empower yourself to feel confident and beautiful for life.