Face Yoga



Martina, 40 years old

You can clearly see the changes on these photos that were achieved after doing face yoga daily for just 3 months. I have more radiant complexion due to better circulation. My skin tone is more even and the skin smoother. My under eye hollows have improved and the nasolabial fold lines reduced. I have firmer, less tired looking face. I look more youthful and I feel happier. Face yoga practice gave me my self-esteem back and made me become face confident!

Tamara, 58 years old

“I believe in face yoga for sure. I never expected to see such great results. My eye area is a lot smoother, my jawline firmer, my sagging neck and double chin reduced and my skin tone is more even. I get compliments that I look marvellous, even after hard days at work. I am absolutely happy!”


 Stanislava, 38 years old

“My smile challenge. I did follow some face exercises but it all started with awareness. I trained the smile in front of the mirror, I observed why it is so asymmetrical and how I should smile to correct it. I have a lot of tension in my left part of my mouth which I continue to release.”

Akiko, 40 years old

After doing face yoga poses for a couple of months, Akiko looks refreshed and more relaxed. Her beautiful cheeks are tighter and higher, the forehead lines are reduced. Her entire face is more toned and defined and the skin is more radiant.


Maria, 35 years old

“I am very happy with my changes. The tip of my nose had an inclination to the right which made one of the holes in my nose smaller, now they are more symmetrical. Other changes are the wrinkles under my eyes, also the nasolabial folds lines are smoothened out. I am inspired.”

Anna-Marie, 56 years old

Anna-Marie is very dedicated to face yoga practise. Over a couple of months of doing face yoga program, the face line is much more defined and lifted. The wrinkles on her forehead area, especially above the eyebrow, have been decreased. The lines and wrinkles are reduced and softened around the mouth area as well.

Vera, 42 years old

“Face yoga became an important part of my jump start into a new life after 1 year in hospital. My main results: my eyes are wider, more facial symmetry, more self-love and self-awareness. I love starting my day with positivity.”

NEVER too early or too late to begin your face yoga journey.