Face Yoga first got my attention via social media and for personal reasons I’m against all medical procedures. When your kids ask you after seeing your photo from 10 years ago (thanks to fb): "mum what happened to you??? " I started to think, hmm.... maybe I can try.... But let’s start with the Face Yoga first. I Googled it, downloaded some videos, improved the diet, invested some money in vitamins .... and??? I met Martina. We had mums talk about kids and how wonderful our life is, but that wrinkle is bothering me, but I’m EXERCISING the FACE YOGA. So I’m going to be fine!!! She looked at my exercise techniques, the length of holding, my lifestyle, and I found out, that I am making my wrinkles even deeper and developing new ones. NO NO NO! Thankfully, Martina’s approach and knowledge helped. She started the basic exercises with me, she gave me knowledge to understand why I need to do each movement and when. How to feel the muscle movement was the most challenging for me. She gave me the confidence to know that what I’m doing is correct, and could see the first improvement in 2 weeks. Now I’ve been exercising for 3 months and I’m happy as never before. If you will see the driver with the funny face, that is me. Thank you Martina!
Katarina Safranko
Happy Client
Hello from Slovakia! I feel honored and privileged to be a part of this healthy approach to beauty. Face Yoga Clinic is a brand new way for me to celebrate beauty that starts from within. I strongly believe that the best way to look and feel fabulous, is the natural way. This is why I appreciate Martina and Face Yoga Clinic for giving me more tools to achieve this. I’ve been absolutely stunned by the results I’ve noticed from doing Face Yoga in just over a couple of weeks. My skin looks brighter and fresher, my face feels and looks toned, the lines have smoothed out and I look more alive. If you are serious about delaying the signs of aging without the use of expensive creams and treatments, then Face Yoga is a must for you. I was skeptical at first, but then I decided to put in the effort and the exercises became second nature, the results soon followed. You will definitely see results if you take it seriously. Martina is an excellent teacher and brilliant at showing us how to perform each exercise correctly and explaining the benefits of each one. Thank you Martina for introducing me to Face Yoga and handing me the tools for a brighter life.
Patricia Kralova Merkovska
Happy Client
I have been practicing face yoga with Martina for a few months now. First, I was not quite sure what all that craze about face yoga was but after meeting with Martina and moving forward with exercises, I can see some progress already with my fine lines and wrinkles. Not only I am more aware of physiology of my face but also I have learnt a lot how environment/stress/food and exercise affects how my skin looks like. Martina is very patient and knowledgeable teacher. She has taught me lots of tricks how to use any spare time in my life to fit face exercises into my busy day. She has showed me many different exercises to reduce wrinkles and fine lines from my face and to feel younger and more confident about aging naturally without using aggressive beauty products or expensive treatments.
Janette Fowler
Happy Client