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Face yoga

6 Weeks Face Yoga Program

Duration: 50 minutes

The six week secret to sustainable beauty for life.

This complete program runs weekly over a six week period and covers the entire face and neck.

Pinpoint the issues then create a tailored routine to effectively enhance and enrich. Every week you’ll work on one part of the face and will learn the best combination of face yoga poses just for you to improve this given area.

The poses will be tailored specifically to your individual requirements. After completion of the full program, you’ll understand the entire facial muscles. You’ll have the power and the confidence in you to make your own face yoga workouts for the complete face and neck area.

You will:

* Gain an in-depth knowledge of Face Yoga and how it can be applied to transform your facial appearance

* Receive a tailored regimen for your face and neck, made to treat the issues you want to work on

* Be able to easily create personalised facial routines yourself so you can look and feel fabulous forever, from the comfort of your own home

* Enjoy visible results, a better skin complexion, receive a boost of confidence and the knowledge to control your own beauty for life

This comprehensive package makes the perfect choice if you want to bring out your unique beauty and slow down the ageing process.

We concentrate on one part of the face each week as follows:

Week 1: Forehead area
Week 2: Eye area
Week 3: Mouth and lips area
Week 4: Cheek area
Week 5: Nasolabial folds area
Week 6: Neck and faceline area

* Every week’s personal coaching session requires the completion of the previous one with exemption of the first session.
* You obtain the visual guideline of each face yoga pose on a weekly basis.

If you are interested in any of the SESSIONS or WORKSHOPS for a larger group of people, please get in touch here.


Face Yoga Sessions
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