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Face yoga

4 X Private Face Yoga Session

Duration: 50 minutes

Go deeper to iron out the concerns and unleash your natural beauty.

Structured to run fortnightly over a period of 2 months, this mini course focuses on your areas of main concern.

Each of the classes will treat the facial area of your choosing and will give you a tailored prescription routine that you can take home and incorporate in your daily life.

You will:

* Learn about your specific facial areas and find out why practising the poses regularly will improve your issues

* Discover more about face yoga so you can go deeper and unlock your natural beauty

* Receive a bespoke program to work on the individual areas of your face you’re concerned about

* Be able to create your own Face Yoga regimen after completing the course

A superb choice if you’d like to regain more control over your facial appearance, learn more about Face Yoga and create your own face yoga routines.

YOU choose a part of the face you want to work on for each session. The options are as follows:

You will learn how to get less profound forehead wrinkles and as a result a more relaxed look.

You will learn how to achieve more symmetrical eyes and eyebrows, less droopy and more open eyes.

You will learn how to release the tension from the mouth area, how to lift the corners of your mouth, strengthen the muscles around the mouth area, smooth out the wrinkles around the lips, get plumper lips and achieve a beautiful and confident smile.

You will learn how to gain a firmer neck, tighten your jawline and how to reduce and prevent sagging neck and double chin.

You will learn the face yoga poses with focus on lifting up and toning your entire face.

You will learn how to practice face yoga whilst sitting in a chair at work, how to reduce tired, dried up or bloodshot eyes caused by the use of computer or mobile phone screen, how to release the built up stress and tension in your head, face and upper body.

* You obtain the visual guideline on how to practice each face yoga pose after each session.


Face Yoga Session
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