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Face yoga


We exercise our bodies to keep them healthy, toned and fit, right? What if your face could get a workout too? A face has muscles just like a body. In fact, your face has over 40 muscles. Well, you can tone your face like you can tone your body. The same principles apply.

Face Yoga is a workout with focus on the facial and neck muscles. By training these muscles, contracting and releasing them correctly and regularly, the muscles become stronger and firmer, skin becomes lifted up and more radiant which results in a more youthful and confident look.

As the face ages, the skin elasticity decreases and fat deposits between the skin and the muscles become thinner. They fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. The fat pads provide fullness and give a youthful contour to the face.

As the thinning fat deposits weaken and slide, the skin sagging increases, fine lines and wrinkles accumulate and the face loses its firmness. The domino effect kicks in.

Don’t despair, here’s the positive bit: you can do something about it! If facial muscles are toned and bigger, the skin has more padding underneath it. Consequently the firmer muscles expand the facial volume and counteract the effects of age-related fat thinning and skin loosening.

Our face is what we show to the world and yet we hardly exercise it. Face yoga is brilliant and yet so simple. All it takes is 10 minutes a day. I like to practice whilst cooking, watching a movie, working on a computer or in a car whilst stopped in traffic. If you are the kind of person who wants to unlock the secrets to real beauty by applying face yoga principles, please get in touch and start your journey today.