Private Face Yoga Session

Duration: 50 minutes

An exclusive private session tailored just for you, with your personal Face Yoga Teacher.

This is a single session meant for those who have ideally completed The Face Assessment session.

Learn the fundamental face yoga poses that will increase the blood circulation, boost the oxygen flow and deliver nutrients to the whole face which will result in more radiant and youthful looking skin.

Learn how to release the built up tension and activate your face muscles to improve the structure, tone and quality of your entire face, with tailored recommendations for your specific concerns.

Depending on your goals and main issues, you’ll learn face yoga poses with appropriate modifications if necessary, so you can adapt the exercises to better suit your face’s unique requirements.

Receive a good grounding in face yoga basics, so you can take away what you’ve learned and begin to incorporate these face yoga poses in your daily routine.

You will:

* Learn the essential go-to face yoga poses including tapping and acupressure points push

* Get personal modifications adapted for your unique facial requirements

* Gain practical understanding and hands on experience to take away so you can start practising the poses at home

Ideal for beginners who are looking to get started, for the curious who want to get an overview of face yoga fundamentals or as a follow up session to review the progress.

This session would also make a beautiful gift for a loved one or a special friend.


Face Yoga Session
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